Wonderful 😁 Things to do with Dad 👨‍👧‍👦 on Father's Day ...

1. Take Him to the Game

When thinking of things to do with dad on Father’s day, look for something unforgettable like an exciting game. Father’s Day falls in the middle of baseball season so get some tickets and enjoy a good game and all the fun that goes with it. Be sure to order a couple of hot dogs, bags of peanuts, and a beer or two - be the designated driver - and treat your dad to a great time. At some games you’ll be treated to fireworks as well!

2. Hit the Greasy Spoons

Yes, it’s not the kind of diet you want to eat every day, but dad loves the low-key atmosphere, so why not? He probably has his favorite places and favorite dishes at each one, so what could be better than giving your dad something you already know he loves? You and your dad could also make a list of local diners you would like to try and eat at one each time you visit, so his Father’s Day gift stretches out over a longer period.

3. Take a Class

Is there something your dad has always wanted to try? Maybe he wants to learn to make his own fly-fishing lures, or maybe he likes to cook and wants to learn how to make authentic Mexican food. Maybe he wants to learn to use that camera better. Although it would please dad if you gave him a way to take a class prepaid by you, it would be even better if you went together and learned the new skill as a team.

4. Take Him to a Museum

Whatever dad’s interested in, there’s probably a museum specializing in it, or at least a museum with an exhibit that interests him. If your dad likes art, there are normally lots of choices. If he likes cars, science fiction, sports, history or even music, there’s usually a museum somewhere that specializes in that. He’ll have a good time and he’ll like the fact that you know enough about him to know what he likes.

5. Go to an Event

Often, right around Father’s Day there are all sorts of shows and exhibitions focused on the things that dad loves. Car shows are a favorite, along with sporting shows like fishing or hunting exhibitions. Comic book shows might appeal to him, or perhaps a book-signing event by his favorite author. If he’s into his garden, perhaps a home and garden show would be fun.

6. Do a Microbrewery, Winery or Distillery Crawl

If you live in areas that are prized for their alcoholic beverages, then you’ve got some great places to take dad. If he imbibes a frothy cold beer from time to time, take him someplace where he can try several different kinds. Distilleries and wineries often have tasting rooms where you can sample the products without having to buy a whole glass, so he can decide what he likes before you buy him his favorites. Be sure you are the responsible designated driver so dad can relax.

7. Go for a Run

For dads who are runners, nothing says I love you more than lacing up your running shoes and running a race together. Don’t go for one of the long, arduous races, stick to events like a 5K run. Or better yet, sign yourselves up for a run that isn’t overly serious, like one where you wear costumes. Perhaps one that throws in interesting obstacles like mud puddles or zombies! Whether serious or fun, these runs will be a great way to spend time with dad. Doing dad things doesn’t need to be boring or arduous. Cherish the time and show him you care and you might just end up enjoying yourself more than you imagined. What have you got planned for Father’s Day this year?