Great Ways 🙌🏼 to Stay Sexually Connected 💏 when Distance is a Factor ✈️ in Your Relationship 💞 ...

1. Sexting is Simple but Sexy

This is one of the easiest ways to stay sexually connected in a long-distance relationship. It's quick, convenient, and discreet, plus sexting is quite steamy once you get good at it. It's a great way to stay connected.

2. Phone Sex Doesn't Hurt, Either

You can't have phone sex out in the open, not in the same way you can sext, but that's okay. At the end of the day, when the two of you are alone in your separate spaces, a sexy phone call can help you unwind, get off, and stay connected.

3. Share Flirty Texts Throughout the Day

Not into the idea of sending sexy texts? No problem! You can still flirt and keep it more PG13. A flirtatious message or two throughout the day will keep things exciting.

4. Skype or Facetime Whenever You Can

This is so important! Getting to see each other is essential. Today's technology is a godsend for people in a long-distance relationship. You don't even have to video chat just to get frisky with each other. It's simply an excellent way to stay connected. That being said, it does provide you with an excellent opportunity to get a little risque.

5. Spend as Much Time on the Phone as Possible

Again, you don't necessarily have to use all your phone time to talk dirty. I mention this because it worked for Heather and me when we were doing the LDR thing. Staying on the phone, even while you're going about some of your daily business, keeps you close. You feel like you're actually with each other. That comes in handy later when you're ready for long-distance sexy time.

6. Go Solo for Each Other

Do it on the phone, during your FaceTime sessions, wherever and whenever you feel comfortable. Not being able to touch each other is one of the hardest parts of staying sexually connected in your LDR. You're pretty much flying solo, even when you stimulate each other, so make your solitary status work for you – and your lover, of course.

7. Or Think about Making a Video for Your Lover

It goes without saying that you should only do this if you trust your partner implicitly. If you do, and if your partner trusts you, this is a devilish, delightful way to stay close.

8. Discuss Your Fantasies

You're going to get used to talking to each other about anything and everyone. More importantly, you're going to get comfortable with it. Take advantage of that comfort and talk about your fantasies. Describe them. Let your partner into your fantasy world.

9. Send Each Other Sexy Pictures

Same disclaimer as with sending videos. A flirty or sexy snap sent at odd times throughout the day will definitely keep your partner's mind on you.

10. Get Old School with Email

Writing an email allows you to say more than you can in a text message. You can get detailed – incredibly detailed.

11. Become a Sensual Pen Pal

Handwriting letters is a forgotten art. It's a lovely way to keep in touch with your long-distance partner because s/he will get surprises in the mail. Imagine if some of those surprises are sexy, though.

12. There's an App for That

No, seriously. There's an app for all your long-distance woes. Several, actually.

13. Research Long-distance Sex Toys

Some of those apps work with special toys. Your partner can help you achieve the big O from an entire continent away.

14. Make Some Fun Masturbation Rules

Not real rules – you shouldn't try to control when someone else masturbates, obviously. However, you can make fun rules to tease each other. For example, you could say that neither of you can masturbate on a given day until you can do it together.

15. Experiment with Long-distance Role Playing

You can get surprisingly creative, even when you're role playing over the phone, through text, or on video chat. Try it.

16. Use Your Words

No matter how you stay connected, use sensual, sexy language. Don't be shy or embarrassed! And if you feel shy, don't worry – over time, you're going to become quite an erotic wordsmith.

17. Set up Virtual Dates with Each Other

The big thing to remember is that you have to make time for each other. You also have to be creative. So, set up a virtual date in your home or, hell, take your lover out for ice cream – over Skype! You can make this work. Moreover, you can make this work and you can both be sexually satisfied at the same time. Think these tips might work for your LDR?