How to Spring Clean Your ❤️‍ Relationship to Spruce It up ...

1. Start the Conversations You've Been Dreading

You have a lot of pent up resentment? It's time to let it all out! Open up all of the closet doors for this one.

2. … That Includes the Frustrations

Also, these conversations should include the frustrations you have. You should put it all out in the open.

3. Throw out What Isn't Working

Nagging your partner about exercising? Stop. Instead, ask them to walk with you at night; it'll be fun!

4. Drop Any Negative Behaviors

Seriously, look at the positive and stop the negative in your relationship!

5. Wash Away Every Old Hurt

No more holding a grudge. Get rid of it!

6. Schedule and Keep Date Nights

This is my problem. We schedule them and then are way, way too tired. Keep your relationship commitments!

7. Explore the Changes of the Seasons Together

Remember, you are spring cleaning your relationship, why not enjoy spring a little bit?

8. Create Some New Energy

I promise you, changing up everything in your relationship is huge! Write a new script.

9. Stop Expecting and Start to Allow

You've got to let go of the worry that people in your life have got to be a certain way, a way you think.

10. Hello, Goodbye, See Ya

How do you greet your partner? How do you say goodbye? Change it! Seriously, add in a smile or a kiss to your greeting.

11. Up Your Flirting Game with Your Partner

Sometimes, especially when we've been with our partner for a while, we forget how to flirt.

12. Thoughtful Things Go a Really, Really Long Way

Be thoughtful. Be considerate. Always!

13. Stop Having the Same Conversations

Instead, start new ones. Uncover new things about your partner.

14. Establish Some Healthy Boundaries

Trust me, they will help you.

15. Find a Balance with Your Spouse

Have deep conversations, have fun, get well-rounded.

16. Affection Needs to Be a Focus

Seriously. It needs to.

17. Continue the Cleaning, the Scrubbing

Commit to it!