7 Ways to Look 👁👁 Good 😁 without 🚫 Makeup 💄 ...

1. Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate!

One of the lessons for how to look good without makeup is to drink more water. Good old H2O is massively beneficial for us. Not only does it refresh and hydrate us, but it also helps with mental clarity, weight loss and your skin. It is recommended by many experts to drink around 8 glasses or 2 liters of water per day.

2. Eat Well

It is true what they say, you are what you eat. Eating well can help you feel loads better. Not only can you lose weight if you change your eating habits, but you can improve your mood and your overall health. Sugar has been proven to be detrimental to health as it can be addictive and is a poor source of energy, often leaving you feel slumped soon after eating it. Choose naturally sweet foods to satisfy a craving. Focus on whole, fresh foods as often as possible and avoid processed food as much as possible.

3. Eyebrows

Get those brows done professionally! Your eyebrows help shape your face and is a good no makeup aid that can help make you look polished even when you're not wearing makeup.

4. Exercise

Cardio is a wonderful way to boost your mood quickly. Exercise releases chemicals called endorphins (the happy hormones). Regular exercise has been proven to reduce overall stress, boost self-esteem, fight anxiety and depression and even improve sleep quality. Exercise is great so get into it!

5. Hair

Getting your hair cut regularly is another way to keep yourself looking great and is an easy no makeup way of boosting your confidence. Paying for a good haircut or at least regular trims can do wonders for your mood and self-esteem.

6. Nails

Having clean polished nails is a great way to feel beautiful without makeup because it takes little effort, short clean nails look polished and fresh. Go the extra mile and get them done by a pro. Gel polish is great because it lasts a long time!

7. Wear a Smile

It sounds cheesy but wearing a smile can make you feel better and a smile always looks good. Fake it till you make it, if need be! Ultimately, if you feel good, you will look beautiful too! Focus less on the best beauty products and more on your own mood and health and I promise you, you will feel fab without the use of makeup.

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