How to Guide 📗 for Letting Your Man Know 💬 He's Your "Person" 🤞🏼 ...

1. Lean on Her or Him

Letting your person know you rely on her/him is the surest way to reveal how you feel. Leaning on someone takes so much trust.

2. Admire Your Person

Long looks, smiles, hugs, kisses – all excellent ways to admire someone.

3. Keep Your Promises

Being reliable is another way to make your person know how you feel. Always keep your promises. Prove that your person can lean on you, too.

4. Show It with Kisses

If you do have a romantic relationship with your person, let her or him know about that special designation with a kiss – or a hundred.

5. Listen, Always

Your person deserves to be heard, so make sure you listen.

6. Plan Some Special Surprises

What kind of special surprise? Whatever surprise works for your relationship.

7. Compliment Your Person, Often and Well

Compliment everything. Her smile. His sense of humor. Her intelligence. His hands. Anything. Compliment the things that make your person special.

8. Accept Your Person as the Person S/he is

Don't try to change your person. Embrace the traits, philosophies, and quirks that make your person unique.

9. Have Some Understanding

Understanding is such a simple thing, yet it's so hard to come by. Give that to your person.

10. Let Your Person Know S/he Understands You

You're deserving of understanding, too – and when your person really is your person, s/he will understand you in return. However, you have to say so. Don't be coy about it, let this wonderful individual know how open you really are.

11. Share Serious Quality Time

Obvs. This is crucial for any relationship.

12. Laugh Together

So is this. Once you stop laughing together, what do you really have?

14. Leave Love Notes

Love notes, friend notes, funny notes – leave notes. Communicate. Keep things fresh.

15. Go on Little Dates

Remember, not every date has to be some big production. The little jaunts are just as joyous, if not more so.

16. Say It Loud and Proud

Well, obviously, being upfront about how you feel is always the best option.

17. Or Just Look at Your Person

Because your eyes will give it away every time. Tag your person! That's also an option. Tag your person and s/he'll have to know.