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1. Acceptance

One key way of how to deal with unexpected change in your life is to simply accept your new circumstances and avoid trying to completely ignore that a drastic event has taken place. The longer you are in denial about a big life change, the longer it is going to take for you to become accustomed to the new reality. Acceptance and agreement are two completely separate things; just because you don’t like the change that has occurred, it doesn’t mean that you should completely ignore its existence.

2. Pros and Cons

To help try to come to terms with a major life change, you might want to try sitting down and physically writing a pros and cons list related to whatever even may have taken place. By being super pragmatic and taking emotion out of the equation, your pros and cons list might surprise you and help you to see the change from a more sensible and less emotionally charged perspective.

3. Focus on the Positives

And following on from the pros and cons list that you should make, in order to best handle the change, you should try to focus purely on the positives aspects that this change in circumstances might bring to your life. Somebody who only thinks about the negatives is never going to be able to fully accept the change, so make a conscious effort to embrace the optimistic side of your personality and be positive about your situation.

4. Get Creative

Tapping in to the creative side of your brain, not matter how big or small it is, is always a great way to try to help you cope with a big life change. Whether it is something straightforward like keeping a journal of your feelings, to something more ambitious like letting your feelings be known through art or poetry, the important thing is that you are expressing yourself and not letting your emotions bottle up inside you.

5. Be Social

Sometimes change can feel at its biggest and most damaging when you are left alone to contemplate it. To combat this, try to surround yourself with as many friends and close family members as possible; it will be good to have them around and hearing a bunch of different perspectives might help you to better come to terms with the change that has occurred.

6. Professional Help

If you really are struggling with this change in a serious way, then there is absolutely no shame in seeking out guidance from a professional to help you work through your problems and arm you with a number of great ways to try to cope on a day-by-day basis. You should think of a therapist as a close friend who can actually help you rather than just be comforting.

7. Stay Focused

No matter what change has occurred, you should try to stay focused and not let your new life situation drastically change your end goals. It might seem disastrous at the time, but what you need to remember is that most change, especially negative change, is only temporary, and you are a strong human being who can come out on the other side feeling more empowered than ever. Just remember, even if you can't control something you can still make it work for you if you decide how it fits your life.

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