7 Herbal Supplements You Should Consume for a Powerful Immune System ...

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Chaga Mushroom

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Camu Camu Berry

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Cold Snap

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This is one incredibly tasty herbal supplement to fight disease and one that is serious business ladies! Elderberry is also known as Sambucus. It is sold here in powder form in the U.S., or as a pill or tea. It is also found in many mixed superfood powders. Elderberries are blackish blue colored berries that taste very similar to acai and blueberries. It contains the same antioxidants as acai and blueberries known as anthocyanins, which contribute to its dark purplish color. It helps alleviate colds and the flu in a very short amount of time and helps the body use its own defenses to produce cytokines. Cytokines are our natural anti-inflammatory molecules that are usually harmed and weakened during times of illness. You have probably heard of elderberries and didn’t even know it, since it is sold as the popular over the counter cold remedy known as Sambucol, which contains elderberry extract. I like it in a powder form and order it online from Madre Labs. It tastes amazing and is incredible in a smoothie. Combine this with camu camu powder for a one-two punch that will rush any cold you have right out of the water! Do you take herbal supplements when you feel a cold coming on? What’s your favorite one? Sources: foxnews.com, life.gaiam.com
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