7 Foolproof Ways 💯to Shut down 💁Disrespectful Men on Dating Apps 📱 ...

1. If You Get a Dick Pic, Send a Dick Pic

Dick pics are so prevalent on dating apps. It's ridiculous. Some guys will send them right at the beginning, others share them at the most random points during the conversation. Sometimes they ask, which is nice, and sometimes they send them even if you say no, which isn't so nice. There's a viral story going around about a woman who had the perfect solution to this, and I'm a firm advocate of this method. That is, if you get an unsolicited picture of peen, send back a similar photograph. Google to your heart's content. Inundate his inbox with throbbing, fleshy erections.

2. Take a Screenshot and Send It to the Ladies in His Life

It's entirely possible that you can find your disrespectful prince somewhere on social media. Grab some screenshots of your conversation and share the wealth. If he's willing to treat women badly over the internet, then the women in his real life should know the score, too.

3. In Fact, Launch a Discussion about the Girls and Women Who Are Important to Him

It's entirely possible that if you bring up the women in his life, he might see the error of his ways. It's also entirely possible that nothing will get through to him. Still, a lecture in this vein will at least dampen his libido and he'll move on, whining about how you're just boring and crazy. And fat, probably.

4. If You're Dealing with a Local Boy, Don't Be Afraid to Name and Shame

It's the least you can do, especially if the conversation turns violent or threatening. Other women in your area need to know about behavior like this, even if it's just on an app. You might be saving something simply by sharing your experience.

5. Send His Garbage over to Bye Felipe

Bye Felipe is my favorite Instagram ever. Don't get me wrong, the content is just heinous – it's disheartening to see how some men react to women, especially when they get turned down. It's another way of sharing your experiences, though, and potentially warning other women, it's just more anonymous, yet it reaches a much wider audience.

6. Respond Solely with Smartass GIFs

This is fun for you and probably irritating as hell to the guy who's being so disrespectful. It also keeps you from getting pooled into his toxic vitriol, which is always a good thing. It's another good way to get him to just take his ball(s) and go tf home.

7. Let Him Know That You Are Not the One

Lastly, feel free to shut down a disrespectful man in whatever way feels natural to you. You might want to cuss him up a blue streak, try to reason with him, block and ignore him, or go full throttle. Do what feels right – just remember to always, always be as safe as possible. Have you ever come across a grade-A douche during your dating experiences? Tell us, tell us!

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