5 Foods 🍽 You Should Eat πŸ‘when Trying to Lose Weight βš–οΈ ...

1. Coconut

Coconut has become such a revered product for its beauty benefits that we seem to have forgotten it is also an incredible food. In fact, it's one of the top recommended foods you should eat when trying to lose weight. Not only is coconut delicious, it is also one of the healthiest foods you can eat! Don’t be afraid of the fat content in a coconut because this type of fat is good for elevating your HDL cholesterol levels which in turn encourages the burning of belly fat. Not to mention the great antioxidant properties and boost for thyroid function it also provides.

2. Chia

There is much more to chia than just Chia pets! They are a concentrated source of protein that will help to sustain your energy levels for the entire day and keep you moving along with your set goals. They contain twice as much potassium as bananas and three times the antioxidant power of blueberries! Adding chia seeds to your weight loss plan can make a big difference in the amount of food you consume overall, as they are very filling and keep you fuller for longer.

3. Beets

Beets are something of a wonder food. They aid digestion, help to strengthen bile and can even cleanse the liver and improve sports performance. Helping to make bile stronger aids in weight loss because bile is responsible for breaking down fats. The better the fat processing, the better the fuel processing in the body, and therefore less storage of unused fuel that gets stored as fat.

4. Lecithin

Lecithin is a fat melting ingredient that can be most easily found in non GMO soy or sunflower. By adding a tablespoon or two of this magic nutrient to your healthy morning smoothie, you are encouraging your body to burn even more fat than normal, breaking it down, rather than letting it settle in unwanted places!

5. Bone Broth

The healing and nurturing properties of bone broth are second to none. It can help to repair the digestive tract, reduce cellulite and aid in detoxification, all things that are perfect for someone on the journey to wellness. One or two cups a day can also boost your energy, which both wards off hunger and will inspire you to do ten or fifteen more minutes of exercise, which will only help to burn more calories!

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