8 Fab Makeup Tips for Strawberry Blondes ...

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Pink Lips

The greatest makeup tip for strawberry blondes all revolves around the lips. Pink lips girls are a great way that you can draw on the strawberry in your blonde hair and really bring out the red highlights. For me, I like bright pink, but if you are a little shy, you might want to start out with a pale pink and go from there. Try this makeup tip for strawberry blondes out ladies and let me know how it works!

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Black Mascara

While a lot of people believe that strawberry blondes need to go with lighter weight mascara colors, but I think that black mascara can actually bring out your eyes better. Whether you have baby blues, beautiful greens (which look great with violet mascara too!) or brown eyes, black mascara is a must! This makeup tip for strawberry blondes totally works for me!

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Light Colored Blush

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Lip Gloss

If you aren't feeling like you want to go with pink lips, don't worry ladies! My next makeup tip for strawberry blondes is all about lip gloss! Whether you are looking for tinted lip gloss (that hint of pink might work for you here!) or if you want to do something clear, it's totally up to you!

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Tinted Moisturizer

Did you know that one makeup tip for strawberry blondes can actually be to change up your foundation? Using a tinted foundation can actually lighten everything up on your face! Not only will it cover all of the blemishes that you have, but tinted moisturizers will keep your skin totally hydrated and looking beautiful!

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Pale Eyeshadows

Another makeup tip for strawberry blondes that I use all of the time, especially for the office is pale eyeshadows! Trust me on this one ladies, pale pinks, greens and even some pastel colors will all bring out the beautiful strawberry highlights in your hair.

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Beautiful Brows

When your a strawberry blonde, your eyebrows are actually an extension of your makeup, so you want to make sure that they are perfectly manicured and groomed. You also want to make sure that you are adding in the right colors. Maybe, for instance you want to add in some dark highlights with an eyebrow pencil!

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Peaches & Cream

Finally ladies, the last makeup tip for strawberry blondes is all about peaches and cream! Whether you add a bit of peaches and cream eyeshadow on or you add in some peach blush, trust me, these colors will bring out your strawberry blonde highlights! Well all you strawberry blonde girls, there are my top 8 makeup tips for strawberry blondes that really work! So girls, what other makeup tips for strawberry blondes do you have? Give 'em up!

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