Easy Home Updates for the Girls Wanting to Renovate Themselves 🎨🏠🏡🛠 ...

1. Paint the Walls

Even if you don’t want to completely repaint all of your walls, do some touch-ups. It’s so easy to pick up a small paintbrush and fix all of the little marks and scratches that you constantly find yourself staring at when you look at your walls. You’ll instantly give your home a little more life.

2. Add Crown Molding

If your home is in need of an update but you don’t really know where to start, add crown molding. If you’re trying to sell your home, crown molding is a special touch that attracts a lot of buyers. However, even if you’re not looking to sell your home, crown molding is a simple touch that will make your home feel much more updated, fresh, and pleasing to spend time in!

3. Change Your Appliances

Changing your appliances is obviously something that takes a little more time and money to check off of your home renovation list, but it might just be much more effective in the long-run. If your appliances are old and outdated, specifically your dishwasher and washing machine, you’re probably spending a ton of money on your water bill every month, probably way more than you need to be spending. While new appliances that are more energy and water efficient may seem like a new expense now, in a few months’ time, that expense will be well worth the money.

4. Switch out Some Pillows

If you’re looking to make some quick, cosmetic changes, start with the pillows around your house. New pillows can make an old sofa look brand new. Plus, if you’re pretty frugal in your search, look at websites like H&M. H&M sells pillow covers for a few bucks. Simply stuff your old pillows in the new covers and you have an entirely new design style in your home!

5. Paint Your Front Door

Do you want a change that invites more people into your home? Try painting the front door a color you’ve always loved but have been too afraid to try. Right now, mint is such a stylish color, especially on front doors. If you have a lighter exterior of your house, mint would be a great color to experiment with on your front door!

6. Change the Hardware

Isn’t it funny how doing something as simple as changing the hardware in your house can completely change something as huge as your kitchen? If you want to bring a new look into your kitchen but don’t want to get entirely new cabinets, try switching out the handles on the cabinets and cupboards instead. It will revitalize your entire kitchen!

7. Add Some Flowers-Fresh or Fake

Adding flowers, especially if you live a house that’s decorated in mostly neutral colors, will add a beautiful pop of color to your home. If you’re desperately searching to bring some color into your home but aren’t sure where to start, adding flowers is a great burst of color to add! What’s your favorite way to update your home? Will you do any of these? Let me know in the comments!

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