7 Classic Style Mistakes 👗👠 All Petite Women Should Avoid 🛑 ...

1. Not Having a Tailor on Speed Dial

Things aren’t always going to come in a perfect fit for you as a petite woman. While petite sections have come a long way, they’ve still got a ways to go. Part of the issue is that we’re all made a little differently and clothing isn’t going to fit us all the same. That’s why it’s important to have a tailor. They can alter clothing to fit your body perfectly.

2. Wearing Boxy Blazers and Jackets Overwhelms Your Small Frame

One of the mistakes commonly made by petite women is wearing boxy blazers and jackets. Blazers and jackets aren’t out of the question if you’re petite. However, you do want to choose ones that’re more fitted to your body. Otherwise you can end up looking as if you’re wearing a tent. Leave the boxy styles on the rack and choose options that offer a closer fit.

3. Going for Boyfriend Jeans when You Want Comfort

We all have days where we just want jeans that’re comfy and cozy. While a lot of women reach for boyfriend style jeans when they’re having that sort of day, petite girls should pass on that style. You can end up looking like your jeans swallowed you. Instead, choose skinny jeans that feel good on. While some skinny jeans can feel like a torture chamber, some are almost as lovely to wear as leggings. Make sure to try before you buy to see how they feel.

4. Not Giving the Petite Section a Chance to Meet Your Needs

Sometimes the petite section can be a big disappointment. They don’t have the variety you’re looking for and it just doesn’t feel like you. But sometimes you can hit the jackpot. It’s a gamble but it’s worth the time and effort to look. It saves money on alterations, too.

5. Wearing Dresses That End Mid-calf is the Worst Length for You

Avoid this style mistake at all costs! Mid-calf dresses are difficult for anyone to pull off, especially petite women. Go for dresses that end at your knees or a little above. Even maxi dresses aren’t out of the question for you. If you feel confused about what dresses are right for you, take a friend along that’s talented with fashion when you shop.

6. Avoiding Nude Shoes is Cheating Yourself out of a Fabulous Lengthening Trick

For a long time I didn’t see the appeal of nude shoes. They seemed rather blah to me. And while they aren’t the glitziest shoe option, don’t underestimate their power. Because they’re nude, they can make your legs seem longer and in turn, make you seem taller. Looking taller equals looking slimmer, which is a look that most of us want to achieve.

7. Carrying an Oversized Bag Will Shrink You Even More

Do I have any purse loving sisters out there? I passionately love purses and am sure many of you do as well. But it’s important to be careful about the purse size you choose when you’re petite. You don’t have to carry micro purses but avoid purses that could be mistaken for a suitcase. If you could pack for a weekend with only your purse, size down. Otherwise, your purse can look out of proportion against your body. These’re 7 style mistakes to avoid making when you’re a petite woman. Do you have struggles with being petite? You’re always welcome to share!

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