17 Different Places 🗺 You Should Try Doing the Deed 🙊🙈 ...

1. Shower

Just be careful not to slip. you don't want to end up banging your head against the side of the tub.

2. Car

Of course, make sure that the car is parked. It's dangerous to get frisky while it's in motion.

3. Beach

As long as there aren't any kids around, feel free to experiment in the sand. Just don't get that sand into places that'll be hard to remove.

4. Couch

Your couch is just as comfy as your bed is. You might as well take your activities out of your room and into the living room once in a while. It won't hurt anyone.

5. Kitchen

As long as you clean those counters down later, no one will know what you've been cooking up in the kitchen.

6. Backyard

If you have a fence in your backyard that the neighbors can't see over, you should try having sex outside. Just put down a blanket so you don't end up rolling all over ants.

7. Bathroom Stall

The bathroom sounds like a disgusting place to do it, but it's private! You'll have a door that locks, which means no one will be able to barge in.

8. Hotel Room

Even if you two can't afford to travel across the country on vacation, you can still rent a hotel room for the night. It'll be fun to have sex in a new bed.

9. Plane

Try joining the mile high club if you can. It's a lot trickier than it looks.

10. Hammock

Put up a hammock, so you can read in it during the daytime and have sex in it during the nighttime. Just don't flip out of it and hurt yourselves.

11. Tent

Go camping with your partner. That way, you can have sex out in the middle of nowhere. Even if you're loud, no one will hear your moans.

12. Floor

If you have hardwood floors, your back will end up hurting. If you have a rug, you could get rug burn. That's why you should probably put down a blanket first.

13. Laundry Room

Vibrations turn women on. That's why you should have sex on top of the washing machine while there are clothes inside.

14. Balcony

If you ever have a balcony to yourselves, try having sex on it. That way, you'll be able to see beautiful sights while you orgasm.

15. Pool Table

You've probably seen your favorite TV characters make love on top of a pool table. You should try it yourself sometime.

16. Closet

Find a closet that's big enough for the two of you, and have sex inside of it. It'll feel even more intense if you do it during a party when plenty of people are around!

17. Elevator

If you can pull this off, go for it! There's nothing sexier than wondering if the doors will open and reveal your secret. If you're going to try having sex in any of these places, be careful! You don't want to end up injured or thrown in a jail cell. Where's the craziest place that you've ever had sex?