7 Classy Comebacks That'll Help You Stay Sophisticated ...

1. I've Been Called Worse Things by Better People

When someone insults you, you need to act like what they said hasn't bothered you in the least. That's why this is one of the best comebacks you could use in an argument. It'll insult the person you're speaking to while letting them know that you couldn't care less about what they think of you. Their opinion means nothing.

2. I Can Explain It to You, but I Can't Comprehend It for You

When the person you're arguing with doesn't seem to get your point, you should use this comeback. It shows them that you're willing to explain what you're saying, but that you don't think it will help them, because they aren't smart enough to understand. Anyone would have a tough time coming up with something to say back to this comeback.

3. I'd Agree with You but then We Would Both Be Wrong

When you can't wait for your argument to end, you might be tempted to just agree with the other person so that they'll go away. However, this comeback will let the person know that you're tired of speaking to them, but can't bear to agree with their horrible logic.

4. I Love How You State the Obvious with Such a Sense of Discovery

This is about as adorable as a comeback can get. It insults the intelligence of the person you're speaking to, while sarcastically complimenting them on their enthusiasm. It's a great line to use when you're speaking with someone who is passionate about whatever inaccurate facts they're spouting out.

5. Do Not Speak Unless You Intend to Improve the Silence

This is a way to tell someone that what they're talking about is pointless. They should just keep their trap shut if they have nothing important to say. Unless they can come up with something that would improve the silence, they should keep their lips sealed.

6. Your IQ Does Not Even Make a Respectable Earthquake

This insult is so wonderful, because people who don't understand the Richter Scale won't understand exactly what you're saying. Of course, you could also switch up this insult by saying, " Your IQ is lower than the room temperature." Take your pick.

7. I Refuse to Have a Battle of Wits against an Unarmed Opponent

When you're tired of having a useless fight that seems like it's never going to end, use this comeback. It lets the other person know that they aren't worth your time. No matter how long you speak to them, they're never going to understand the way the world works. Stay classy by using these intelligent insults that will help you win any argument. In addition to being the victor, you'll also look like the bigger person, because you aren't saying anything that's too crude and inappropriate. You're just being honest. Can you come up with any other classy sounding insults that would help during an argument? Please vote and rank this list
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