Biggest Freedoms of Being a Work-from-Home Parent You Never Realized ...

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Your Office Can Be Anywhere You Want It to Be

For Remote Workers and Entrepreneurs Just because you have the title of “work-from-home” parent doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to work from home. That’s something that parents tend to forget sometimes; they’re so used to working from home that they don’t even realize they don’t have to place their work in a box… you have the freedom to carry your office with you wherever you want!

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You’re Actually More Productive

For Remote Workers and Entrepreneurs Not saying that you weren’t productive when you were going into the office but the fact that you don’t have your boss breathing down your neck just gives you the freedom to be more comfortable in your own environment, allowing you to be more productive. It’s not even that you hate your boss or the office environment, it just the fact that your home is your place of comfort and when you don’t feel the pressures that an office environment sometimes brings, it causes you to work produce a better quality of work at a more efficient pace. Research has been conducted that states that more and more companies are hiring remote workers because they’re more productive. In fact, an article from Forbes confirms the study and further states that hiring remote workers is probably the best thing a company can do for their bottom line.
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You Can do as Little or as Much Work as You Want

For Entrepreneurs With remote work, you’re still working for a business and following the same business standards, meaning, you still will be working the same business hours depending on the agreement you have. With running your own business, you have the freedom to work as little or as much as you want. With that type of freedom, it’s also important to understand that your business only gets what you put into it, which also includes time and effort. If you only want to work two days this week, you have the freedom to do that; in the same token, if you want to work seven days straight, you also have the freedom to do that too, you just have to keep an eye on your business’ performance and based on that, you can determine if you want to give yourself an added off day or not… You can use that extra day off to take a trip to the spa if you want!

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Vacations Can Be Just Another Day in the Office

For Remote Workers and Entrepreneurs Do you remember when you were going into the office and had to put in for vacation time? Well, as a work-from-home parent, that’s a thing of the past now. If you work remotely, you’ll still need to request vacation time because you simply don’t want to have to work while laying on the beach but if your family went on a small trip, you actually don’t have to request time off for that… you would simply work during your trip BUT you wouldn’t be in an office environment!
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