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1. Baccarat 540:The Clone

540 is the right scent if you need something sensual that communicates passion with every spritz and long after that first tantalising spray. It's for ladies who want something exceptional that doesn't quite smell like the run of the mill female fragrance. If you're a fan of woodsy notes and warm ingredients that you can really savour on each inhale, 540 could be the clone for you.The key players in this warming, spicy scent's composition are jasmine and saffron. They provide an aromatic contribution to the overall aroma that evocates the indulging warmth of fragrant spices filling the air of an Eastern twilight sky in the midst of a balmy summer.Earthy and woody notes of amberwood, ambergris and cedarwood build layers of sensuous depth to this long enduring fragrance that offers excellence to all those lucky enough to smell you.This elegant scent is fit to fill the walls of a marbled palace, yet will cost you notably less than the original Baccarat Rouge 540 that it was inspired by. So, treat yourself to not only a long-lasting, classical fragrance that is effortlessly chic but also the self indulgence of endless compliments from those around you about your regal smell. 540 has the ultimate quality and is exquisite aromatic excellence in a glass vessel, you deserve a bottle of the best.Baccarat 540 Clone
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Baccarat 540: The Smell-a-like

Some might say pop star Ariana's fragrance has an almost candy-like smell, and many swear by its similarities to polarised aromatic Baccarat Rouge 540.There are some big differences between the spicy sensuality of Baccarat Rouge 540 and the potent sugariness of Cloud. Yet, there's also the moments in your journey smelling them that one may remind you of the other and vice versa.To give you an overview, delicious notes like juicy pear, bergamot and creme de coconut make the succulent scent that is Cloud almost good enough to devour. We know that doesn't sound very similar to Baccarat Rouge 540 so far but stay with us.Where you might start getting a touch of deja vu tickling your nose is when you get to those musky base notes which really help to change the tone of this otherwise syrup-laden fragrance. Suddenly, thanks to the musks it matures and leaves you with an enjoyable aroma that evolves into a more balanced, long-lasting and enjoyable scent.The bottle design is absolutely adorable and fitting with not only the fragrance name but also the feeling of drifting away as you take an inhale of this honeyed musk stunner.So, if you want the romanticism of Baccarat Rouge 540 but also like a splash of sweetness in your fragrance that doesn't cost a fortune, Cloud might be your silver lining.

2. Black Orchid: The Clone

Best Black Orchid Clone
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Black Orchid: The Smell-a-Like

3. Aventus for Her: The Clone

Aventus for Her: The Smell-a-Like

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4. Love in White: The Clone

Love in White: The Smell-a-Like

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