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Sedu Revolution Clipless Curling Iron

One of the absolute best curling wands out there is this pricey little gem that I would look at more as an investment instead of a splurge! Get the curls you love without the creases left by clips with the Sedu Revolution Clipless Curling Iron. Whether you have perfectly pin straight hair or some frizz that needs taming, this iron can work for all hair types...and it heats up in just 30 seconds! A heat-proof glove is included, as well as an auto shut-off button. Price: $120.00 at amazon.com
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Hot Tools Gold Curling Iron

Hot Tools Gold Curling Iron is another hot iron you’ll love to adjust to your needs, not the other way around. It features heat sensor technology that can sense when the iron is too hot or cool depending on the settings, so that it can adjust to your hair and prevent burning. It has a heat setting of 430 degrees and a 24K gold-plated barrel. Price: $30.00 at amazon.com
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T3 SinglePass Whirl Professional Styling Wand

T3 makes a great line of hair tool products. This styling wand helps create those wavy locks you’ve always dreamed of. It is a great look to go for if you’re tired of traditional curls. This wand also helps enhance shine and reduce frizz by sealing in the hair cuticle with T3 Tourmaline technology. The heat will adjust up to 450 degrees and a heat-resistant glove is included for convenience. Price: $95.00 at amazon.com
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Sultra the Bombshell

Have you been dreaming of those bombshells curls, but have yet to find out how to create them? Try Sultra’s The Bombshell curling wand. It features Japanese Kyocera Ceramic Technology that promises to mend and repair hair even while you’re styling. It even includes a cute pink safety glove too. Pricey? Yes. Highly rated? Very! Price: $130.00 at amazon.com
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Conair Infiniti You Curl Curling Wand

Conair makes a great line of hair tools and the Infiniti You Curl Curling Wand is no exception. It is free of those old-style clamps that leave creases, which we all just hate! Instead, it is designed to prevent creasing and enhance shine at the same time. It also reduces frizz and eliminates static with T3 Tourmaline Technology. This fabulous and affordable curling wand comes with a heat resistant glove and has temperature adjustments up to 430 degrees F. Price: $30.00 at amazon.com
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Enzo Milano Clipless Curling Iron

Promising to leave curls that last 10 times longer than other curling irons, the Clipless Curling Iron from Enzo Milano is 100% ceramic to protect hair from damage and leave lasting curls. It features heat adjustments up to 320 degrees F and comes with a heat resistant glove as well. This wand even comes with a styling tip DVD to help show you how to get the most of your money with the wand and give you the dream hair you’ve always wanted! Price: $100.00 at amazon.com
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Sarah Potempa Beachwaver

Celebrity style is just a few steps away with this creative product by Sarah Potempa. The iron actually rotates in two directions to give you glamorous waves from all angles instead of standard curls. It will shut off after 30 minutes automatically to prevent any kind of fire hazard and it leaves no kinks or creases in your hair. Price: $199.00 at amazon.com
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Bed Head Deep Waver

Bed Head doesn’t just make great hair creams and sprays, they also make this amazing deep waver. It helps give you glamourous and trendy curls and crimps at the same time. It differs from other wands out there by giving you an edgy, high fashion look. It heats up to 400 degrees F and has a special lock feature for easy storage and travel. Price: $25.00 at amazon.com
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Amika Tourmaline Curler

This wand doesn’t just give you one barrel, but three! It helps create curls of multiple shapes and sizes to give you a full dimensional effect. It also has a clamp-free design and tourmaline barrel to prevent frizzing, creasing and dryness. Temperature settings reach up to 430 degrees and a heat resistant glove is also included. Price: $90.00 at amazon.com
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Remington T-Studio Salon Collection Pearl Ceramic Curling Wand

If you want salon perfect curls right at home at an affordable price, go with the Remington T-Studio Curling Wand. This simple design does not lack in performance, I promise! Temps reach up to 410 degrees F and users report that curls stay in tact all day long. It features a combination of ceramic and crushed pearl in the wand to help create sleek curls that won’t frizz or fall. Price: $25.00 at amazon.com
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Revlon Perfect Heat Curling Iron

I have been a fan of this curling iron for years. It doesn’t crease your hair, it heats up quickly, and it doesn’t burn your hair thanks to the great Tourmaline material built in this great curling iron. It is also simple to use, doesn’t have too many fancy buttons and settings, yet still offers enough heat protection. Temperatures reach up to 430 degrees F and the wand also comes with a heat protection glove for storage and travel. Price: $14.99 at ulta.com
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Bed Head Curlipops

Personally, I think the name of this curling wand is enough to make anyone want to go buy it! I mean, "Curlipop"?! How cute is that?! It's also super inexpensive and works great. The 'Bed Head Reverse Conical Curling Iron Wand' creates loose curls and waves for frizz free, shiny styles. Price: $22.99 at target.com
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CHI Air Texture Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Wand

CHI has always been one of my favorite brands. Since my CHI straightener works so well, I just had to try one CHI's curling wands! This one worked fabulously - it instantly creates beautiful curls with no creases or lines! The styling iron also features "the latest Tourmaline Ceramic technology to reduce static electricity and frizz for perfectly soft curls and waves." Another reason to buy it? It comes with heat resistant gloves! Price: $59.99 at edcskincare.com
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Remington CI52F0 Wrap to Waves Styler

This is a great option if you're looking for an affordable curling wand! It creates very natural looking curls and has 30 variable heat settings that allow you to adjust the temperature for your particular hair style! One thing I love about it is that it is auto shut off. You'll have have to worry about potentially leaving it on all night! Price: $17.99 at walmart.com
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T3 Whirl Trio Interchangeable Styling Wand

Although this one is the priciest, it's gotten rave reviews! It's a set of three interchangeable barrels and it will effortlessly create a variety of looks. You can create styles like defined spiral curls, beachy waves, full-body old-Hollywood glamour waves and everything in between. What kind of style would you create? Price: $230.00 at sephora.com These are our favorite 15 best curling wands, but we’d love to hear yours! What’s your favorite?
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