55 Awesome Wreaths to Adorn Your Front Door ...

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Silver and White Christmas

Via Christmas Wreaths (part 2) The outstanding combination of silver and white make this one of the most awesome wreaths for Christmas.
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Felt Patriotic Wreath

Via 88 Beautiful Wreaths To Make! ... It's so easy to tie red, white and blue strips of felt around a wreath for this patriotic wonder.
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Letter on Burlap

Via MLRDesigns Original Custom MONOGRAM BURLAP ... Burlap is huge right now and this wreath shows it of perfectly. Add a painted letter for an even more creative look.
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With a Frame

Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy Hang a cute frame with your initial inside the wreath and add a few brightly colored flowers for come pizazz.
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Ring of Flowers

Via M r s. Du b ... Covering the entire wreath with coordinating flowers is a fun way to bring some life to your front door.
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Add Foliage

Via Summer Wreaths Sunflower Rustic Wreaths ... Include some long pieces of greenery for a wreath that's perfect for spring and summer.
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Letter Wreath

Via Etsy :: Your place to ... A string wrapped letter with these ultra modern felt flowers is a unique look for anyone's front door.
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Flip Flops Galore

Via Items similar to FLIP FLOP ... Make this cute wreath using dollar store flip flops. What could be more perfect for your door all summer long?
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Simple Color Pallete

Via Etsy :: Your place to ... The combination of green, black and white on this wreath is absolutely stunning.
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Halloween Wonderful

Via Glitzy Wreaths This wreath is busy and has a lot of color and pattern, but it totally works for Halloween.
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Orange and Black

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All White

Via Monogrammed White Hydrangea Grapevine Wreath ... All white flowers and a white letter give this wreath a dramatic effect that you're going to love.
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Go Big

Via Christmas Ideas I love this snowman inspired wreath that takes up the entire front door. It's perfect for making your home stand out during the winter holidays.
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Sunflower Wreath

Via Sunflower Wreaths - Berry Wreath ... A ring of sunflowers is perfect for summer.
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Fall Colors

Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy When the weather cools off, it's fun to put a wreath on your front door that goes with the season. Warm reds, oranges and browns look just right.
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Greens Only

Via Succulent Wreath - Wreath Great ... There's something so elegant about a wreath with greens, but no flowers.
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Fall Pumpkins

Via Wreath ideas The cute little pumpkins on this wreath give it tons of personality.
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Turkey Mesh

Via Turkey Mesh Wreath The mesh fabric make perfect turkey feathers for this Thanksgiving wreath.
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Wavy Fabric

Via Summer Wreath / Spring / ... This wreath looks so luxe with the loads of fabric and they tiny doses of purple.
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Snowman Face

Via Large Deco Mesh Snowman head ... Covering the hole in the wreath makes it easy to create the face on this snowman.
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Easter Wreath

Via Easter Wreath -READY TO SHIP The foam eggs and pastel colors come together so wonderfully on this Easter wreath.
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Add a Cross

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Brown and Turquoise

Via Things to make with BURLAP! Brown and turquoise are a hot color combination right now and a wreath is a great way to add it to your home.
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Hang with a Ribbon

Via Crafts Instead of just hanging your wreath, try adding a ribbon to give it some flair.
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Oops! Crash!

Via Etsy :: Your place to ... This is a super easy wreath and is sure to be loved by all the trick or treaters on your street.
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Yellow and Grey Chevon

Via Yellow & Grey Chevon Twig/Grapevine ... I love how the grey and yellow blend so well and it adds such a fun splash of sunshine to your door.
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Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy There's a lot going on with this wreath, but what a festive way to celebrate the 4th of July!
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Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Via Santa Ho Ho Ho Wreath The red burlap, black belt and famous Santa saying on this wreath makes it so much fun.
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Vintage Colors

Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy The creamy pinks, whites and greens of this wreath are vintage and beautiful.
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Bright Hues

Via Burlap wreath with Turquoise//Yellow// Grey ... Bringing together turquoise and yellow with splashes of chevron strips makes this a wreath I'd love for my door.
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Yarn Ball Wreath

Via Yarn Ball Wreath {tutorial} - ... Who says your wreath has to be covered with flowers? These yarn balls are fun and modern. Mix and match colors to match the holidays and seasons.
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Cute Bunny

Via Mrs. B's Hive: DIY Easter ... A cheap headband with bunny ears brings this wreath to life.
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Elf in the House

Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy Bring home your own Christmas elf with this wreath. So cute!
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Small but Beautiful

Via Chevron Burlap Wreath, Monogrammed Burlap ... This might not be the biggest wreath you'll find, but it sure adds a lot to the curb appeal of your house.
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Purple Hydrangea

Via Large, Full, Customizeable Hydrangea Door ... Bring a little bit of spring to your front door with the purple flowers.
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Fall Blessings

Via Fall Deco Mesh Wreath The fall colors, the cross, the leaves and pumpkins...it all flows so well on this blessings wreath.
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Via Etsy :: Your place to ... Witches love to wear colorful skirts too. Make one for your wreath witch with colorful mesh fabric.
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Trio of Flowers

Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy A lovely trio of sunflowers makes this wreath something special. You can easily substitute three of your favorite blooms in place of them though.
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American Flag

Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy This flag wreath makes a huge impact even when it's not the 4th of July.
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Lemons and Leaves

Via Lemon Wreath, Spring Wreath, Door ... The simple combination of leaves and faux lemons looks really elegant against a black front door.
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It's Valentine's Day

Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy A pink wreath is perfect for celebrating love's favorite holiday.
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Square Shape

Via 20 Refreshing Handmade Spring Wreaths ... To really break out of the wreath mold, consider a square one instead of the more common circle.
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Go Bright

Via Mesh Wreath Spring Summer Orange ... Weave together pink and yellow for a wreath no one will miss.
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Simple and Wintery

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Cabin Wreath

Via Items similar to Welcome to ... What could be better than antlers and burlap for the front door of your cabin?
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Cookie Cutters

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Via Large Wreath-Rustic BARN STAR Wreath-LARGE ... This is a wreath I could see hanging indoors, but would also look fabulous inside.
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Add Vegetables

Via Items similar to Front Door ... The tiny artichokes are so cute and give this wreath dimension and personality.
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Fabric and Yarn Snowman

Via Items similar to Snowman Wreath ... To make this wreath, simply wrap your forms with yarn and add felt embellishments.
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Primitive Country Christmas Cane

Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy The cane shape alone gives this wreath a unique look, but the bells and snowflakes certainly add to it.
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Christmas Burlap

Via Items similar to Christmas Burlap ... Surprise! Burlap comes in loads of colors so you can use any one you want.
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Ornament Wreath

Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy This is one of my favorite wreath ideas. The ornaments are so much fun and so different from your average wreath.
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Halloween Rags

Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy Cut Halloween themed fabric into strips and tie them around the wreath for a fun holiday wreath all the kids will love.
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Beach Wreath

Via Summer Wreath, Spring Wreath, Deco ... The cute decorations on this wreath make it great for your beach house.
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Via Halloween Wreath, Deco Mesh Wreath, ... The skull and bones on this wreath are one part spooky and ten parts adorable. Do you switch out your wreaths throughout the year? I love to do just that. Which one is your favorite?
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