27 Adorable Tattoos Walt Disney Would Love πŸ’– 😍 ...

1. Can't Pick Just One

This is the tattoo to get when you can't decide which Disney character is your favorite. Baymax? Aladdin? Captain Jack Sparrow?

2. Sully + Boo

Oh my gosh, this one gives me so many feels! Remember the very last moment in Monsters Inc.? Boo says "Kitty" and we all just cried.

3. Snow White Sketch

This one's so simple and elegant! I love the little bit of red in her cheeks, apple, and bow... that's all she needs is a little pop of color!

4. Philosophy

Why not take Elsa's words and make them your own life's mantra?

5. The Magic Kingdom

Oh man, this one makes me tear up, too! At first I didn't even notice Walt on the side, surveying his kingdom with Mickey.

6. Vintage Comic Vixens

This is such a clever tattoo, done in the style of those old vintage comics. Love!

7. Watercolor Ariel

This is so pretty! I love that the tattoo artist left in the sketch lines... gorgeous!

8. Drink Me

This watercolor Alice is just so detailed... I wonder how long it took to make this tattoo?

9. All the Littles

If you have a thing for all of the tiny critters Disney designed, then this is the ink for you.

10. The Aristo-Kittens

Of course, there's Marie in the middle, causing trouble.

11. That Grin Though

Who doesn't love the Cheshire Cat, and his special brand of chill?

12. Low-Battery Baymax

One of the funniest scenes in Big Hero 6 is when Baymax is all low-battery drunk, clumsy and all affectionate with Mochi.

13. Mulan's Comb

If you ever feel like you need a reminder that you're loved exactly as you are, no matter what, then maybe a tiny tattoo of Mulan's comb (from her father) will help.

14. Best Buddies

I forgot how much I loved this movie... and how good Mowgli and Baloo were together.

15. Sweet Little Simba

I love the colors in this one, and that sweet little expression on Simba's face - he's so proud of himself, and so happy!

16. Stitch

Look at his wee balloons! I love the white outline, too, for some reason... it just makes the whole piece look polished and complete.

17. Everything's Coming up Roses

The shape is typical Mickey, with those iconic ears, but the roses? They're original, and I think Walt himself would approve.

18. The Places You've Been

I love this idea! When she goes to Disney World, will she get a Florida tattoo on the other finger?

19. Tropical Lady & Tramp

I would never have thought of taking these two out of their original setting, but now that I've seen it, I love it!

20. Another Ariel

This one's so perfect, so close to the original, it looks like one of the Disney animators did it.

21. Nick from Zootopia

If you haven't seen Zootopia yet, you might not understand why anyone would be so attached to this wily little fox, but I totally get it.

22. Brilliant Bird

He wasn't a main character, but I love Zazu, too!

23. Until the Last Petal Falls

This Beauty and the Beast tattoo is just gorgeous... I love the stained glass effect!

24. Simba Symbol

This one's just adorable... it's only in the movie for a minute, but it's so important!

25. Matching Minnies

These would be perfect tattoos for besties or sisters, or sisters who are besties!

26. She Loves Him

This is so sweet! I mean, we all know Minnie loves Mickey, but this tattoo is just adorable.

27. It's Not a Fork

Raise your hand if you knew, the moment you saw this, that it was a dinglehopper, not a fork.

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