12 Things Most Couples Argue about and Ways to Avoid It ...

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Photo Credit: nicointhebus (nicolas monnot) The disputes and discussions about children are never going to end. You may fightabout whether you should have children or not. Then, once you have kids, you will fight about how to raise them, what they should eat, how your family thinks you should raise them, how much money to spend on them, how long their hair should be, who they should hang out with, how many video games they should have, their bedtime... and the list will go on. Work it out – The best thing to do would be to communicate and compromise. All parents make mistakes with their children, which is why it's important to take mutual decisions. While you may never agree with one another, you can always meet each other halfway.
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Photo Credit: Tomitheos Yes, couples argue over money. I have always said I would never let money come in between my marriage and I am succeeding at that one. Work it out - Having no money can be stressful, but as long as you have each other, you can work it out. Come up with a budget planto help save more money. Both partners will need to make sacrifices and cutbacks but with time, you will find a way out.
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Photo Credit: melindalee70 Yes, a good sex life with your partner would be nice. It helps the bond grow deeper and stronger. The longer couples are together, the greater their sex life will suffer. This is a common area couples argue about. Work it out – Again, sit down and talk to each other. Communication is key. You should be open with your partner. Tell him/her what you like. Tell them what you do not like. Voice your opinion.
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Photo Credit: sosij Housework is something that we all have and it is a big conflict between many couples. If one partner (usually the woman) puts in more effort while the other just lazes around, it's bound to create arguments. Work it out – Love and respect are the key ingredients for a successful relationship. Housework has a tendency to become a battleground where youfightfor those ingredients. Sit down together and talk to one another about the housework. Divide the work and it'll make things easier for both of you.
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Leaving the Toilet Seat up

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Toenail Clippings

Photo Credit: Ace Angel Okay, do they clip their toenails and leave them laying around on the couch? How annoying is this? I am never at the root end of this one, but it sounds like an annoying, unhygenicbad habit. Work it out - Speak with them and tell them how much it disturbs you. If it doesn't work, try leaving your nail clippings at a spot where you know it would annoy them. That should get your point across.
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The in-laws

Photo Credit: knitkid Getting along with his parents can never be easy. Arguments about the in-laws can come up in many cases. Those in-law jokes did not just write themselves. Work it out – Speak to your partner and tell them what you do not like about the in-laws. Maybe the two of you can work something out with the in-laws. Prioritize your own relationship and work as a team. Never side with the parents or disagree with your spouse....not in front of the in-laws anyway.
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Photo Credit: Out_of_place Yes, snoring can be an annoying topic. I actually watched a Dr. Phil show on having a partner that snored a lot. Not everyone can solve this problem and go get it fixed. Work it out – Sorry, for this one, the way to work it out either involves sleeping in another room or wearing ear plugs or visiting a doctor! I choose to wear ear plugs each night.
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What Movie to Watch

Photo Credit: joel.spitsnaugle Yes, many partners argue over which movie they should watch. This is especially true if the girl likesromance movies and the guy is an action moviekind of guy. Work it out – Take turns picking out a movie. One week, let the girl pick the movie out and the next week, let the guy pick the movie out.
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What to Have for Dinner

This one may seem strange, because my husband and I always find something for dinner we agree with, but there are some that come from total different worlds. Work it out – One night have your favorite and the next night have his favorite. Don’t always go with what you want to have. You may want to have an alternative available for those times where the other partner finds the food disgusting. Taste buds are different.
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Ex-spouses and Boyfriends/girlfriends

Photo Credit: Co®tex™ I think all couples have afighthave a fight that involves the ex at some point especially if you're stillfriends with the ex. It may not always be justified but heck nothing makes sense when you're in love! Work it out – If you are the one creating the fight, realize that he or she is with you and not the other person. Speak with him or her about whatever is bothering you. If you are on the other end, analyze the situation and see if you've given your partner reason to feel jealous or insecure. If you haven't, maybe it's time to have a talk? Most of all, when you are arguing with one another, you should not let it get out of control. If you have children, don’t let them see you arguing. Learn to sit down and speak with one another in a loving manner. Do you have problems in your relationship? What do the two of you argue about the most? Top Photo Credit: AMooseinBrighton
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