10 Signs Your Date Didn't Go Well ...

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You Just Have That Feeling

Photo Credit: ihateworkinglate At the end of a date, sometimes you just have a feeling that things could have gone much better than they did. This is a horrible feeling, especially if you really liked the person. Some dates seem to fizzle out at the end and you both go your separate ways. Maybe you both had fun, but there just wasn't any real connection made between you two. You can't quite describe it, but the feeling is there nonetheless.
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He/she Spent the Night Talking to Everyone else

Photo Credit: theGentleman™ One of the signs your date went badly is when your date talks to everyone but you. At the restaurant he/she chatted up the waitress/waiter, during the movie he/she laughed at the funny parts with the guy next to you, and even while you were waiting in line at both of these places he/she talked to everyone around him/her. It's one thing to be friendly to those you meet, but it's a whole other ball game to be rude to your date. Hopefully it's just nervousness, but if there isn't even any eye contact going on then this is most likely a bad sign.
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In a Hurry to Drop You off

Photo Credit: myhosting.com Your date was checking the time all night and seemed to be waiting for the date to end. The date possibly even ended a bit abruptly. As you two are heading home, he/she's sort of disinterested and distracted. The good-byes are rushed and you almost lose your arm as he drives away before the door is closed. I don't know about you, but this sure seems like a date that probably shouldn't have happened in the first place. You can't quite pinpoint when the odd behavior began, but there must have been something that occurred to make your date act like this. However it happened, this is not an ideal date.
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The Date Ends Early in the Evening

Photo Credit: [ r ♥ c e y t ♥ y ] {I br♥ke for bokeh} The typical date starts for dinner and ends later in the evening. If it is a date that occurs during the day, it usually lasts more than a couple of hours. How else are you supposed to get to know one another? If plans were made for a full night out for the two of you and then your date ends up cutting out early, this just might be on of those bad dates. Maybe he/she had second thoughts part way through and didn't know how to tell you. Who knows. The point is, if it ends early and there's not even a reason offered, this isn't a good sign.
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Feels You Should Get the Tab

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You're Glad That the Date is over

Photo Credit: Pixel Noir If you breathe a sigh of relief when the date is finished, I think this is a good sign that things didn't pan out as planned. When the evening is a success, you should feel excited about planning for another date with this person. By feeling relief that you actually made it through the date, chances are that there won't be another one coming up any time soon with this person. Sometimes this feeling comes after looking forward to the end of the date. There are times when a chain of events takes place and you can't wait to get home and away from this person.
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You Can't Remember Your Date's Name and Don't Care

Photo Credit: ˆ-ˆ Another of the sure signs your date didn't go well is when you get to the end of the date and realize that you can't remember what this person's name is. If you really had a good time, you'd know not only the name of the person you spent the evening with, but possibly a few other personal details. Not remembering your date's name and not having a care in the world about this definitely is the sign of a bad date.
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A Lot of Silence during the Date

Photo Credit: Lumase People who talk about date disasters often mention how the lack of talk usually is a strong indicator that the date isn't going well. When you can't find anything to talk about during the date then it can get pretty boring. Dates without any significant happenings are generally flops. Silence during the date will also make it seem like it drug on forever, making for a very boring tale to tell.
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There's No Talk of a Future Date

Photo Credit: Mike Rohde When there's no mention of seeing each other again, this is usually a characteristic of bad dates. Sometimes there is talk at the end of a date about getting together later. Two people that have a great time together usually talk a lot and discuss when they would like to see each other again. A date that ends with both of you staring at each other in silence probably means there isn't going to be any future dates.
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No Eye Contact when You Get Dropped off at Home

Photo Credit: blakelipthratt It doesn't matter if you are a man or a woman. If you are being dropped off at your home at the end of a date and the person won't even look at you to say good-bye, this is definitely a sign your date didn't go well. He/she could at least be polite enough to make eye contact, even if it's to make sure you are all the way out of the car before he/she goes zooming away. These are the 10 signs that came to my mind when I thought about bad dates. Some I've experienced and some I hope I never do! Have you ever noticed any of these signs your date went badly? Top Photo Credit: Cris {sunlight on a sweet morning.}
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