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Cook Together

Photo Credit: e.m.papers Eating together can be a great date, but a five star meal comes with a 5 star price tag. Unless, of course, you make it yourself! Find a recipe from a top restaurant (I love using copykat.com for this) and make it together. Not only is it great fun, but there is less pressure and it makes the meal much more exciting too. In short, it makes eating together funner, sexier and you’ll get to know each other better. Ace!
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Have a Game Night

Photo Credit: kocojim Dig out your favourite two player games, and some snacks, and have a private game night. I love Uno, which is great for breaking the ice, and games like Twister are fantastic fun. Throw your inhabitions out of the window and really have some fun! You’d be surprised how great a date this makes...If I was to recommend a date to anyone, it would be this. Me and my boyfriend have great photographs and memories!
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Have a Latino Night

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Go to a Casino

Save up around $10 in change each, and go to a casino. You’ll have to dress the part, of course! Then play the slot machines. The adrenaline rush is fantastic, and there is no risk of going overboard, as you have limited change. They often serve free cocktails at casinos, and you can watch big-money games even if you aren’t participating. It’ll be a date to remember!

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Enjoy Happy Hour

Photo Credit: etgeek (Eric) Go to a quaint bar together, during happy hour. There will usually be great deals on drinks, and most bars will give a free appetizer too, such as a bowl of chips. Even fresh steak can be relatively inexpensive and very tasty! Plus, cosying up on bar stools next to each other can be much more romantic then sitting across from one another.
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Go Sledding

Buy or borrow some sleds, and wait for the snow. Then, go and sledding trip down your nearest hill! Make sure you dress appropriately (no one wants to be nursing an injury) and once you’ve finished, warm up together with a good film and some toasted S’mores. Utterly romantic!

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Play Video Games

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Go Ice Skating

Photo Credit: sew liberated Go ice skating together, or roller blading. Do something energetic, and unusual, and really fun. Research the cheapest dates and times to go, and rent your equipment, to keep costs down. Even if you really suck, he’ll feel sorry for you, and you’ll get the sympathy vote! It’s really great fun, and the memories will last you a lifetime. You could even enjoy an ice cream together afterwards, or something to warm you up!
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Photo Credit: Lordstephen Head out to a karaoke bar, and sing along in the crowd for free. Not only will you get to know each other, but you’ll have a great time, and drinks are usually reduced to encourage people to come along and join in. If you are feeling shy, you can usually rent a private room for quite cheap, and use your own machine. They have everything from old ballads to new rock, so you are certain to find the perfect duet...
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Do It Backwards

Photo Credit: Thorsten (TK) Meet up in the morning, and go for breakfast together. Breakfast rates are usually much, much cheaper then evening meals! Then go for a walk around your local town or city, and hit the theatre for a reduced matinee performance. You’ll find everything is much cheaper if you do it away from the ‘usual’ time, and spending the day together is a fantastic way to bond. I love these ideas! I’ve even done some with my boyfriend recently...just because we are a couple doesn’t mean we don’t have great fun on these dates! And anything which is great fun and gives us more money to spend is brilliant, in my opinion. Have you got an idea for an almost-free date? I’d love to hear it! Top Photo Credit: witha™
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