7 Steps to Dress for a Cocktail Party ...

There is no official, fixed dress code when it comes to cocktail parties, and that makes this kind of occasion fairly difficult to prepare for. There’s nothing worse that arriving at a function feeling dramatically under or over dressed – imagine pitching up in a sequined ball gown only to find your friends wearing jeans and shirts! To help you to avoid this kind of situation, and to decode the specifics of your party invitation, I’ve put together a list of 7 steps to dress for a cocktail do.

1. Determine the Formality

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While in theory, all cocktail parties are relatively formal functions, there is a great deal of variation between different events. Some might require you do don your silks and sequins, while others are smart/casual affairs. The dress code should be stipulated on the invitation but, frustratingly, it often isn’t; if you’re in the least confused about what you are expected to wear, call the organisers and ask them to clarify.

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