Steady as She Goes ...

Christina Aguilera on the cover of her new album.

I just love, love, love the makeup. It's hard to believe this is the same Christina who was prancing about in black and red extensions and a good smattering of piercings just a few years ago.

And there's that **liquid liner** again in the photo. Have you brushed up on your skills? Pull your eyelid taut and cut back on the caffeine, friends - you'll need a steady hand for this one. Here's a little tutorial taken from what I consider to be the Makeup Bible, Kevyn Aucoin's Making Faces:

"1. Begin by placing yourself in front of a mirror magnifying your eyes to the size of Jupiter. Seriously, magnification truly benefits a smooth application.

2. Using Your Free Hand, Pull Your Eye Taut and Slightly Downward. I Find That Whichever Way the Liner is Pointing Naturally when I Pick It up is Where I Begin on Each Eye [inner or Outer Corner]

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3. Draw across in One Continuous Fine Line. (for Thicker Lines, Retrace.)"

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It takes a little practice, but just try to stay as steady as possible and keep the line right on the lash line, and you'll be all set.

So tell us...what do you think of Christina's new look? And will you be jumping on the **liquid liner bandwagon** this fall?

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