Star Wars Series 2 Mimibots Announcement & Giveaway

The world’s most adorable USB keys just got cuter. Mimoco has announced a Star Wars series 2 which includes a Princess Leia Organa Mimobot, a Boba Fett mimobot, a Han Solo mimobot and a Luke Skywalker mimobot which will all ship in January. Luke and Fett’s helmets are even removable so that you can reveal their handsome faces. Each of the series 2 mimobots come preloaded with a desktop personalization suite with digital content that includes wallpapers, screensavers, icons, avatars, and the mimobot soundByte application that plays neat Star Wars sounds when you insert or eject each Star Wars mimobot. Pricing begins at $49.95 for the 1GB versions, and there will be a $69.95 2GB and $109.95 4GB version as well.

Do you already have your heart set on Han or Leigha? We have 1GB version of each of them to give away. Just shoot us an email with a sentence or two explaining why you think these little guys are so adorable, or cool. Two random entries will be selected as winners.

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