Star Coupling Rundown: April 2007


I hate all the numerous reports on pregnancy, birth, adoption, but the thing I can’t follow the most is the hook ups (and break ups). So let’s just quickly run through who’s with who for the time being.

• Britney Spears finalized divorce with Kevin Federline

• Britney Spears + some-guy-in-bushes (and immediate split)

• Jessica Simpson heating up with John Mayer

• Nicole Richie dating Joel Madden (bye-bye Hilary)

• Kate Hudson not broken up with Owen Wilson, in fact they’re finally public

• Paris Hilton makes out with date Josh Henderson, teen hunk from Desperate Housewives

• Kristin Cavallari boy/girl-friends with Nick Zano

• Nick Lachey going strong with Vanessa Minillo

• Fergie serious with Josh Duhamel

• Usher engaged to Tameka Foster

• Salma Hayek engaged & preggers with Francois-Henri Pinault

• Lindsay Lohan spotted with Robbie Williams, Jude Law, DJ Steve Aoki and well click here for more. Seriously, am I next in line? Who isn’t!


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