Stanlee's Visions Become Reality at the SF Opera Dinner ...

Yesterday I introduced you to San Francisco's most innovative event planner, Stanlee Gatti who I had the delightful pleasure of interviewing last week. He has an amazingly positive visual outlook on life that he applies to parties. On the day that I chatted with Stanlee, he had to rush off on his shiny purple vespa to the Fairmont Hotel to check on the progress of a dinner he was designing that night for the San Francisco Opera. To my sheer and utter joy, he invited me over to the hotel's Gold Room to take a few insider pictures. Everything was done in shades of gold, cream, and white - creating a hazy, warm, glowing feel to the space. Long rectangular tables with fruit and floral (roses and pears) arrangements ran down the tables, along with strategically placed gold pillars and white candles in hurricane lamp glasses. The place settings were elegantly simple: white with gold trim and the table was covered in a delicate gold lace. The room itself greatly added to the decor and I advise following Gatti's lead by examining the location of your party or wedding reception before you conceptualize the theme. A man after my own heart, Stanlee was full of interesting fun facts during our conversation.

For his fun facts and a large gallery of images from the set up of the opera dinner,

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