Spring-Summer 08 Shoe Trends, Courtesy of New York Fashion Week - Marc Jacobs


New York Fashion Week has been and gone, and all eyes are on London, but there's still time to look back on the summer shoe trends New York gave us! These images are from the Marc Jacobs show, where nothing was quite how it seemed, in footwear terms, at least! The shoes on the top left have a United Nude feel to them, but look closer and you'll see that the heel is actually on the bottom of the shoe, parallel to the floor. The black patent courts, on the other hand, look fairly classic, but are open at the back, making them look totally different from the back!

Gold pixie boots and grey patent sandals (which didn't quite fit the poor model) also featured in this collection. So, what can we expect from Mr Jacobs next season? Well, pretty much anything and everything, I'd say...

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