Spring Collars


Yeah! Spring has sprung! Are you and your dogs out enjoying this beautiful April weather, like Scout and I? Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. Everyone from the weather people on TV to my husband keeps telling me that this fabuloso weather isn’t going to last long. In fact, this weekend it’s supposed to dip down to the 40s.

Well, I don’t care! Scout and I will enjoy the spring-time breezes while we can. And everyone knows bright and happy weather means bright and happy dog collars! After all, to be a true furry fashionista, your collar must match the season.

pet-pet-blog.net title='providence.jpg'>

So, check out Trixie + Peanut’s huge selection of gorgeous, light-colored collars perfect for springtime:

The green and pink Province collar(one of my personal faves) reminds us to stop and smell the spring blossoms, the Jelly Bean collarsuse colors like mango yellow and watermelon pink to represent the fruits and colors we think of when we think “spring,” and the vibrant Kaleidoscope collarsand their psychedelic designs will put the spring back in any pup’s step.

Ah, spring. Just another reason to shop for your beloved companions.

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