Spring Already?

It's not even 2007 and the Spring collections are already popping up left and right! And it seems the one on everyone's lips is - not surprisingly - **NARS**. If you recall, I had a love/hate relationship with the most **recent NARS holiday collection**. The colors were absolutely gorgeous but about half of them were **completely unwearable for me**. This time around, I don't think that will be a problem:

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Habanera Eye Shadow Duo: This is the standout! Gorgeous pale mint green and plum-tinged charcoal. The green would make such an interesting highlight shade for spring.

Sugarland Eye Shadow Duo: Shimmery apricot and orchid pink with gold shimmer. I am not sure about this one; apricot can be hard to wear on lids. Will report back when I see it in person, although it does look awful purty on the website!

Thebes Duo Cream Eyeshadow: Had I not read the description on the NARS site, my initial reaction would have been, "Meh, weak link." However, it seems that the photo does not do this one justice. Thebes is a combo of platinum and gold cream eyeshadows that I'm betting is far more impressive in person. Just remember to use your Urban Decay Primer Potion underneath!

Risky Business Lip Gloss: Sheer persimmon with shimmer. This one looks promising. Need to check it out in person; I'm always on the hunt for a good pink lipgloss and NARS usually does not disappoint.

Tutti Frutti Sheer Lipstick: Candied strawberry with shimmer! I am buying this one right away and will probably not even wait until I can see it in a store.. What a sweet, pretty color, perfect for spring.

Corinthe Sheer Lipstick: (Not shown in photo.) Sheer deep almond with no shimmer. This one is a no-go for me but I'm betting it would look lovely on tan or olive complexions.

Calliope Velvet Matte Lip Pencil: The color looks similar to the Corinthe lipstick, so if you like that warm almond tone but are looking for more coverage and a matte finish, this is the one for you.

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