Spice Girls to Reunite


Will these girls

soon be dressed like these girls again?

Rumor has it that the female pop sensation of the '90's will be spicing up our lives once more with a reunion tour this Christmas season. Ginger and Baby Spice have been writing new material, and they want to take it worldwide. Baby Spice just has to get un-pregnant first. People's source reports that all the girls have signed on, even though Melanie Chisholm was a little reluctant at first because of her "solo career". (Melanie Chisholm has a solo career? Maybe it's in the UK.)

"They have a couple of new songs and one in particular is fantastic," says one recording-studio source. "It's hard to get something as pop-laden as their first hit, 'Wannabe,' but one of the new songs is heading that way and it has far more funk in it than the ballads before the band split."

Source: People

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