Speed Read Feed for April 2, 2007

Hillary Clinton top Presidential fundraiser to date with over $36 million- Drudge

Los Angeles suffering longest dry spell in 130 years- Breitbart

8. 0 magnitude earthquake rocks South Pacific creating tsunami- Breitbart

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Sydney Pollack to direct film on the 2000 Presidential recount- Hollywood Reporter

Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Grindhouse’ ‘a juicy, delicious treat’- Variety

50 year old man pays 21 year old prostitute to have sex with 12 year old boy- Asbury Park

Cheerleaders suffer more injuries than all other combined athletes- New York Times

Pet food chemical may be worse for cats than dogs- My Way

Henry Kissinger says military victory impossible in Iraq- Herald Tribune

Scientists grow human heart valve from stem cells- Guardian Unlimited

Barack Obama as Jesus Christ statute causing stir in Chicago- MyFox Chicago

Iran president says United Kingdom sailors trespassed- AP

Michigan mom offers 7-year-old daughter up for sex- CNN

British teachers quit teaching about Holocaust to avoid offending Muslim students- Fox News

Tennessee and Rutgers to meet in women’s NCAA title game- MSNBC

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