Sometimes a Massage is Just a Massage

Sitting on the runway for 40 minutes, waiting for our planeto get the AOK signal for take-off, I learned way too much about the talkative guysitting next to me.

Amongst other things, he shared that a womanwho’s on birth control pills [read: she doesn’t insist on condom use ever] is worth her weight in gold.

Shortly there after, he made a reference to The Mile High Club, his eyesdarted up to the sign for the restrooms, and then back to my face.

At that point I picked up my newspaper andstarted reading.

It probably wouldn’t have occurred to my fellow passenger thata man who’s packing some condoms, who actually uses them -- and doesn’tcomplain about the ultimate, de-sensitized sacrifice he and his penis aremaking -- is worth his weight ingold, too.

Anyway, in my opinion, the rare, true treasure of a man isthe one who knows how to give a massage worthy of a queen’s ransom. And he knowsthat sometimes, a massage is just a massage: the rubbing or kneading of partsof the body to relax muscles, aid in circulation, or provide gentle sensualstimulation.

In other words, giving or receiving a massage isn’t an automaticAOK signal that sex is likely to follow soon there after. sure seems like an AOK signal.

In fact, "massage" is a tricky word and a tricky concept for partnered and single people.

For example, a man who goes to a “massage parlor” and pays to receive a “massage” definesthe experience differently than his wife or girlfriend would if she found outabout it.

Or how about when a loving husband or boyfriend offers togive his tired partner a “rub”? While she thinks, “Yeah, sure, some pampering would feel good,” he might be thinking,“Yeaaa, turning her on will feel good!”

And how about massage and the single woman?

A single woman might say to a man on a date,“Work has you all tense in your shoulders and neck, huh? Poor baby. Maybe sometime I’ll use my Shiatsumassage techniques to work out those kinks.”

But he hears, “Blah blah blah…naked as the day we were born…kinky,later.”

Okay, to be fair, all men wouldn’t hear it that way. (Although quite a few might?) They are trying to hear us, about assuccessfully as we are trying to hear them!

The thing is, if women and men can’t always hear each otheron the simplest and most straightforward of topics, no wonder something getslost in translation at times when rubbing, kneading, and partially or completely naked bodies are inthe mix together.

Massage without sex. It can happen. It does happen. And not just on massage therapists' tables.

But the next time a man you’re getting to know tells youthat he just wants to take you backto his place and give you a nice little massage, if you say to yourself, “How sweet! Now there’s something harmless he and I can do with our clothes offuntil the time is right for sex,”...

... consider that something might be getting lost in translation, between you and your common sense.

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