(Somebody's) Hot Friend #2

Date: November 2005
How we met: Kindly refer to my previous entry on this boy.
Previous flirtations:
Hot Friend and I kept in contact through a mutual acquaintance (ironically not (Somebody)). We would see one another out, and there was a delicious tension. He had started dating a much younger girl, and they broke up about a month or two before my way belated housewarming party, which is where Hot Friend and I renewed our "friendship."
What we did:
Hot Friend met me at my place, and we walked to my neighborhood pub. Once again, he exhibited exceptional prowess in more than doubling my intake of beers. The score? Hot Friend: 6, me: 2.

When the check came, I did the obligatory, "Can I help out?" fully expecting a "No," considering the ratio and the fact that two of the beers were free, as I am well known in this bar (as you will see in a subsequent entry).

Well, Hot Friend says, "You can kick in the tip." E..basically, that amounted to my paying for my beers. Women libbers and male supporters, bring it on! I found this to be a huge turn-off.

Regardless, we stayed in touch over phone, IM, and email, fully expecting to schedule another date. However, I quickly discovered that all this guy did was bitch, moan, and insult the intelligence of everyone around him while never turning that eye inward. Once again: T U R N - O F F.

Nickname: As before. Please note change in picture: after getting to know the psyche of this guy, I could no longer compare him to Michaelangelo's ideal man. I did stick with the Michaelangelo theme, though.
FDS: 3 out of 10, again for the view
How long it lasted: One date

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