Small but Grand ...

What is it about mini size products that makes them so appealing? Is it the convenience of something that takes up virtually no room in even the tiniest clutch, or is it because they're just so...cute?

I am in no mood for overanalyzing on this late Monday night, but I will tell you that I fell for these **darling little Clinique lippies** the moment I saw them. A Lilliputian train case in a pretty pink floral print houses four downsized Colour Surge lipsticks, in Extreme Pink, Peach Pop, Berrylicious, and Pink Style. I swooned over the coordinating metallic bamboo cases, and even more over the colors.

Pink Style in particular is a standout. If you want to go for the candy pink look but the infamous Proenza was too matte or too pale for you, Pink Style is your savior. It's darker than Proenza and has a bit of shimmer for depth, but captures the beachy, surfer girl Gidget-ness that's so hot this season. Looks fab with a (faux) tan for spring!

Now get this...he'll be mortified that I'm splashing this all over the internets, but even my dad - messy, manly Pigpen that he is - thought these lippies were rather fun. We were in the car on our way to the Golden Gloves semifinals when I opened the box. He remarked on the handy mini-size of the lippies (why carry around a full size?), and the convenience factor of the color-coordinated tubes (so you know exactly what color you're grabbing). I kid you not!

If a man can be impressed by Clinique's **The Kissers** set, then hey, it's good enough for me too. And at $25, it's a fab Mother's Day gift (or just a little treat for yourself!).

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