Sky to Launch Their on-demand Service in March

Sky+ has succeeded in making monsters of us all, no longer happy with watching Lost at the convenience of the schedule, but wanting things our way, at our convenience. How dare we? Well, Sky are only making things worse with their on-demand service, Sky Anytime.

Anyone with a Sky+ box, be it HD or not, will find that as from the end of March, they will have 4 hours of the creme de la creme of the day's programming downloaded to their box on a daily basis. So, whilst the Sky+ makes sure you don't miss your favourites, Sky Anytime might open up a whole world of new stuff you can waste your life on.

All the Sky+ HD boxes and the Sky+ boxes made after 2003 have a secret extra hard disk that Sky have previously kept under wraps, so that the downloaded programmes don't eat into your existing storage space.

So far, the Sky channels are obviously all in (Movies, Sports, Sky One etc) as well as some cultural and arts programming. Sky hope that by the launch date in a few weeks there will be a load more people involved (I only care about Living TV, thanks to America's Next Top Model).

Oh, and one more amazing thing: there are no adverts. Yep, that's right, even that minor irritation of fastforwarding through commercials has been removed for you.

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