Sin City Opens Its Hottest Coffee House


Las Vegas, the home town of sex and sin, has a new place to grab a cup of coffee. While the rest of us have to head to a place where the baristas are fully-clothed, the fine folks of Las Vegas can head to Sexxpresso, an erotic coffee shop where the baristas are in lingerie. Instead of settling for small, medium and large drink sizes, the "Bodacious Baristas" will fill cup sizes A, B or DD. The drinks also have ridiculous names like Erotic Pleasure (White Chocolate Mocha), Wet Dream (Caramel Macchiato) and Porn Star (Chocolate Covered Cherry Latte).

I suppose if there is a restaurant with "hot nurses" trend, then why can't there be a trend of coffee stands with ladies in lingerie? In fact, there are other erotic coffee shops in Seattle.

Personally I think it's horribly tacky and could never imagine ordering a DD Cup of Erotic Pleasure. But then again, I don't think I'm in their target demographic...


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