Sims Get Stylish the H&M Way


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Attention fashion-savvy gamers!... All four of you (I kid because I love). The Sims 2 players will soon be able to design and build their own H&M stores and dress up their Sims in clothes and accessories inspired by real H&M fashions. Players can also participate on an online runway and show off their creations. The store will be the first brand to enter the Sim world this way, which is really saying something because I thought another company would have struck a similar deal a long, long time ago.

I'd love to try out this new Stuff Pack, but I haven't played The Sims since I became extremely, extremely addicted to the game in high school and had to kick the habit or risk having the Sim goodness completely consume my life.

But that doesn't mean you all can't have some fun.

[via FabSugar]

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