Shut up! Stacy London Gets Her Own Talk Show

One of the idol’s of my life, Stacy London—stylist from TLC’s What Not to Wear, a complete make-over show that teaches the women to fish, sotospeak—has gotten her own talk show. The fashion and beauty themed hour-long show will run Friday nights after her other show, WNtW, which she will still “star” in, natch.

This could be good as Stacy has some personality, with her signature phrase helping to title the show even, Shut Up! With Stacy London (although shut up on a talk show? Hmm).

Premiering April 6th at 10 p.m. on TLC, her first guests will be Jane Krakowski, Lisa Rinna, designer Kristen Lee and author Ron Geraci.

I’ll tune in, and you know what, this could bring me back to watching WNtW more regularly again. As another talk show host says, it’s a good thing.

Some information thanks to TV Squad.

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