Show off That Shoe Collection with a Footprints Shoe Rack


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Considering how much money some of us spend on shoes, doesn't it seem like a shame that many of the best ones sit on the floor of our closets gathering dust 363 days of the year?

What if we could use our shoe collection as home decor? The Footprint shoe rack from Charlotte Tangye is a way to store your shoes that helps them keep their shape but is also way too pretty to hide in a closet. One rack holds only three pairs of shoes, but the racks can be connected end-to-end in order to make a line of shoes as long as you want .

I'm picturing a line of shoes across the entire bottom of my bedroom wall, like a wallpaper border. The rack is available in pink, white, and blue at Charlotte Tagnye's website.

Via: Luxist

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