What to Show off on a First Date


Wanna know what to show off on a first date? For guys, remember that first date impressions usually last. If we see something that we don't like during our first meeting, you mot probably will not get another chance for a second date.

But when you show these qualities off, we're bound to say yes to a second invite:

β€’ Hold the door, please.

Chivalry may be dead - and we may live in an equal opportunities for the opposite sexes world - but if you're a gentleman, we'll definitely notice. Holding the door for an us or an older lady will give you a secret thumbs up!

β€’ Self-assurance.

Being self-assured and being overly confident are two different things. When you're self-assured, we can see that you're sure about yourself, you're financially and you have drive or ambition.

When it comes to what not to show off - don't show off your buddies, your 'groping instincts' and your being a cheapskate (if you are one, lol) - on the first date.