Should You do All the Cooking?


Unless you consider Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver or Chef Bobby Flay to be your significant other - you are most probably stuck in the kitchen doing all the hard work.

Even if your boyfriend arrives in the apartment way ahead of you - unless he's studying to be a chef - he most probably will wait for you to whip up dinner, even if you're dead tired from a really long day.

So what're we poor souls to do if our boyfriend or husband 'allows' us to slave away in the kitchen???

They should share in part of the dirty work, of course! As for me, my boyfriend can't cook worth a damn so he willingly sinks his elbows deep in suds to wash the dishes after I whip up a meal. If your boyfriend doesn't offer to do the dishes - you can probably ask him to pay all the grocery bills.

Or you can ask him to treat you to a lavish dinner on either a Saturday or a Sunday so that you won't have to sweat your ass off in the kitchen to feed him all week long!

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