Should She Be Trusted?

A friend of mine has brought a situation to my attention (actually I’ve witnessed some of the behavior firsthand) and rather than offering up a biased opinion, I thought I might be best to post the issue here and see what others have to say…

John* is dating, actually engaged to Tammy* - both are divorced, both have a child from those marriages. Tammy’s child lives with she and John while John’s child lives out of state with her mother. Tammy claims her actions are stemming from wanting to keep peace between she and the child’s father - as well as other actions stemming from her current work conditions.

I’ve been around Tammy when she would be making phone calls and able to talk one second - then receive a call from ‘her boss’ that she’d have to take to another room privately.

Tammy seems to make up lame excuses to leave John - saying she’ll be gone a half an hour and it somehow turns into 2 1/2 hours - of course there are several excuses for the tardiness.

Tammy claims to suffer from anxiety and depression - which seems to be the reason for her ‘lack of trust’ in John - but John is always exactly where Tammy knows he will be.

Tammy has been engaged to John for 6 months and never seemed to have a problem with his smoking early on - suddenly she claims it’s his ’smoking’ that keeps her from wanting to ‘makeout’ with him.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg - but based on those examples, doesn’t it seem that something is definately fishy in Denmark?

If John and Tammy were your friends, what advice if any would you offer up?

This is a real situation however *names have been changed to protect the innocent.

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