Should Celebs Fret if Old Nude Photos Surface?


Should celebrities worry too much if some of their old (but tasteful) nude photos surface? This got me thinking after a revealing photo of singer Christina Aguilera surfaced online recently. Mind you, it wasn’t a solo photo. It was a group picture and I doubt if Christina posed like that along with the other artists. Bet that’s Photoshopped! Check out the entire photo inside!


The photo, which shows the singer in her younger days sitting stark naked on a barrel wearing just a head scarf, high heels and hooped earrings, looks pretty tasteful to me. I don’t think it even borders along porn! This photo, observers believe, was taken when she worked with famed **producer David LaChapelle.


Some people think that this photo will affect Christina’s “wholesome image” - something that I don’t agree with. Why? Simply because Christina has long said adieu to a wholesome image, for chrissakes! She’s been down and DIRRTY (although thankfully she’s now being a fashionista and all) so I don’t think a naked photo like this could even hurt her career.

What do you think?