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You know that instant fuzzy feeling you get that quickly forms to panic the minute your boss tells you he needs to talk to you in 10 minutes? Or that queasy feeling you have when you need to explain an awkward situation to your mom? Well, we've all been there and done that! Sometimes we say clumsy things that could have sounded better if only we'd have been more prepared! This article has 7 short term sharpness boosters that will always have you ready, whether it's a pop quiz in class or you get confronted unexpectedly by someone. You will always be ready to go as long as you remember these short-term sharpness boosters and how to apply them. And don't worry if you only have one minute to prepare! I've got you covered. So are you ready? Here they are!

1. If You Have 30 Seconds.......

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Chew a piece of gum! Popping a piece of gum into your mouth is a familiar action, and that alone will soothe you. But as you are chewing, your brain is releasing stress reducing and relaxing hormones. You can always think better when you are not stressed out to the max! So if someone unexpectedly asks you for an explanation you are not prepared to give, grab a piece of gum and start chewing before you answer. You will be able to have clear, steady answers ready!

2. If You Have 1 Minute.........

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Play the memory game! Look at whatever is directly in front of you for 30 seconds. Now close your eyes and visualize what you just saw. Then, without looking up, write down 10 items you just spied. This little game forces your brain to use both its language and its visual area, and it's a perfect tune up before a presentation or a meeting with your boss!

3. If You Have 2 Minutes.......

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Turn on the tunes! One of my favorite short-term sharpness boosters of all is listening to upbeat songs, which increase levels of the feel-good brain chemical, dopamine. And obviously, being in a good mood inhibits criticism and negative feelings. You will better be able to come up with creative solutions to any problem simply by putting this short-term memory booster into good use!

4. If You Have 7 Minutes.......

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Don't worry if you can't leave you desk cubicle and you desperately feel like you need to relax. There's a fabulous little invention to our world called YouTube, and you are about to put it to good use as your short-term sharpness booster! Look up Nature Montage on YouTube, then take 5-7 minutes to look at images of land, sea, and sky. Nature's restful effects can enhance your memory and attention almost by 20%! Now that's what I call short-term sharpness boosting!

5. If You Have 10 Minutes..........

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Lucky you if you have 10 minutes to prepare for an important meeting! It may not sound like a lot of time, but you are going to make the most out of it! Ten minutes of non-stop, non-violent video games like Tetris will quicken your thought process allowing you to make more assertive decisions and see connections faster! Plus, you will be distracted from all your anxiety by focusing on the video game. Anxieties can majority hamper quick thinking, and we don't want that!

6. If You Have 15 Minutes............

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15 minutes is the perfect amount of time to down some coffee and let the caffeine soak into your system! If you don't like coffee, have some tea. But do have something with caffeine in it, which revs, the nervous system and gives you an adrenaline rush! You will see improvement in everything from focus to attention span. Just limit yourself to two cups, you don't want jittery hands!

7. If You Have 30 Minutes..........

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Most of the time, having 30 minutes to prepare for something is a luxury you won't be afforded. But if you know you have a meeting coming up, or a test in your next class, then whip out a word search or crossword puzzle and work it. There are apps for these things nowadays so you can have one ready anytime! Focusing your attention on something else will ease your nerves and calm you down, and also sharpen your brain. While you're at it, munch on some granola or raisins. Brain food!

You don't always have to be in panic mode during an important meeting or discussion. With these short term sharpness boosters, you will always be confident and in control! Relax now, you've got this! Do you have any short-term sharpness booster of your own to share?

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