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Sharon Stone and Kelly Stone Host the First Annual "Class of Hope Prom 2007" Charity Benefit ...

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Sharon Stone has signed up Hollywood’s top designers for an ambitious new charity project aimed at giving poor teenage girls gowns for their prom nights.

The actress and her sister Kelly have founded the Class of Hope Prom 2007 initiative, aimed at recycling outfits worn to the Oscars and other glitzy big nights.

She says, “We started realizing that kids weren’t going to their proms because they simply didn’t have prom dresses and they could afford them.

“It’s a big thing for families because there are before parties and after parties and the dresses and the tuxedos.

“We started realizing what a huge thing (it is) and how compromising it can be for families; it’s like a little wedding. We started trying to figure out how to get these big designers who are giving dresses to people to go to the Emmys, the Oscars… I called them up and I said, ‘Instead of giving them to us, how about giving them to these kids.”

Designers like Nicole Miller and BCBG jumped to help the cause. Stone explains, “Nicole Miller is personally opening her store and giving hundreds and hundreds of dresses, and personally dressing these girls.”

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