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You were booted from Dancing With the Stars pretty early. You bitter?
I feel like I didn’t really get the chance to show what I could do, which was kind of a bummer, but, in the end, we had fun.

Will you bust out those moves again?
Maybe around the bedroom sometime.

That’s saucy talk for a mother of three!
Having children doesn’t mean you can’t be sexy. You don’t have to stop being young or living your life. My kids are in bed at eight. I’m not gonna sit home and watch TiVo all night.

Does living the high life in L.A. ever get to you?
There’s a fake aspect that comes with Hollywood. Everyone’s afraid someone might become famous the next day, and they don’t want to burn any bridges.

You didn’t seem too concerned about burning bridges at your “divorce party” in Vegas, before you and your husband, Travis Barker, reconciled.

It was all done in good fun. In no way was I celebrating divorce or trying to hurt Travis’ feelings. I really just wanted to have a night with my girls to feel good about moving forward and being single.

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