10 Sexiest Celebrity Bad Guys ...

One thing is for sure: Hollywood loves its bad boys. Whether they play great villains in the movies or behave like bad boys in their own right, Hollywood can’t get enough of them – and neither can anyone else. Who are these sexy, rascally men? Well, in truth, there’s too many to count, but here’s one list of the sexiest celebrity bad guys that might tickle your fancy!

1. Robert Downey, Jr

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Robert Downey, Jr., has cleaned up his act admirably well, but not only does he remain one of the sexiest celebrity bad guys, he’s still one of Hollywood’s favorites. He’s off the drugs and making a big comeback, but there’s still something of the bad boy hiding behind all that stubble and that wicked, devil-may-care grin. And I’ve got to say, he’s got a bad little body for a guy with his history, as well – Sherlock Holmes has never been so sexy!

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