Seikisho Mask White

Word of this mask is spreading like wildfire! Must. try. it. This is Mask White by Seikisho (this is also seen branded as Sekkisei). Funny you should see that it is called Mask White, as this mask is jet black. This is part of a line of products from Japan (I think-please correct me if I am wrong) that is very focused on the use of herbs and on lightening the skin - including things like sunspots, not just overall skin tone. The thing that has grabbed my attention is the passion with which I have heard people discuss its pore cleansing ability. And you know that is my favorite subject. At any rate, one use of this miraculous sounding mask is supposed to really make a noticable difference in your skin. It is applied, dries, and then you peel it off - taking all the icky things inside your pores with it. I can’t get this fast enough. You can get it at bliss spas, various department stores, Bath & Body Works, and my favorite place, - it is $28 for a 2.7 oz tube. Let me know if you use this and what you think!

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