Scrapbook Max: Digital Scrapbooking Software

Have you ever heard of Scrapbook Max? I’m not a digital scrapbooker myself but given the good reviews I read about it, I thought it’s worth sharing and investigating!

According to the blurb on its homepage:

Bring Your Memories to Life!
Scrapbook MAX! is the fun and easy way to create scrapbooks using your computer. Your scrapbooks can include digital photos, embellishments, journal text, speech bubbles, frames, borders, and much more. But that’s not all! You can even add exciting background music. And sharing your digital scrapbooks is a breeze. Scrapbook MAX! is a complete digital scrapbooking kit with unlimited possibilities!

It’s fun and easy!
Scrapbook MAX! comes with everything you need to make your own digital scrapbooks. Start with a ready-to-use scrapbook theme - then add your own photos, captions and text. It’s as easy as pointing and clicking with your mouse. And you can be as creative as you like! Adding paper scraps, tags, speech bubbles and special effects is just as easy. Scrapbook MAX! even includes professional features like rotation, resizing, red eye reduction, rulers, alignment tools and much more.

Share with friends and family!
Sharing your scrapbook is just as easy as creating it. With Scrapbook MAX!, you can publish your scrapbook directly to Video CD for viewing on your television , make fantastic slideshows, send it as an email attachment, post it on a website, turn it into a screen saver or even print it out in dazzling color using your own printer. You’ll have a fade-proof record of your story for yourself, and a terrific gift for friends and family. Sharing your memories has never been easier!

You can purchase it online or have it delivered….Click HERE to check out the tutorial.

Anyone out there who’s tried it and willing to share what they think?

Let me know!

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